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Real-Time News and Market Alerts
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Platts Global Alert is a complete real-time information service for the global energy industry, providing breaking reports of deals done, price indicators for crude and products and more than 200 end-of-day assessments.

Market Data and Price Assessments
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Platts Market Data is the most efficient and reliable way to receive Platts benchmark oil price assessments from around the globe.

Platts Market Data - eWindow deliver all bids, offers and transaction data submitted through the eWindow tool during Platts’ Market-on-Close (MOC) price assessment process.

Platts M2M-NGL forward curves cover natural gas liquids, including propane, ethane, ethane/propane mix, butane, isobutane and natural gasoline at Mont Belvieu LST, Mont Belvieu non-LST (Texas) and Conway, Kansas hubs.

Platts Forward Curve - Oil provides swap assessments for three major global trading regions: Asia, EMEA, and the Americas. Unbiased price reports are produced by the industry’s largest editorial team dedicated to oil market reporting. Mathematically derived Follow-the-Sun oil forward curves are an additional purchase for customers who subscribe to three PFC-Oil trading regions.

Platts Data & Analysis lets you tap into our storehouse of energy market information to quickly find the precise answers your business requires.

Custom Curves allow you to customize commodity risk data delivery to meet your business requirements. Create forward curves for any commodities and locations with spot or real-time price history, extend the tenors of our standard forward curves through quantitative methodologies, or tailor frequency of delivery according to your needs.

Platts M2M-Oil quantitatively derived forward curves for illiquid markets incorporate Platts editorial market knowledge. It is an independently produced tool to mark-to-market valuations, support corporate strategies and to manage commodity risk exposure.

Platts Day Rate Report is a monthly publication that contains details on rig rates, analysis and commentary on trends in the U.S. land rig market including day rates for each rig class in every region.

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Platts Crude Oil Marketwire provides detailed market information including crude oil price spreads, trade updates, industry officials' commentary, future settlement prices, and much more.

Platts European Marketscan delivers critical news and analysis on changes in key product prices for the refined oil product markets.

Platts Oilgram News brings fast-breaking global petroleum and gas news to your desktop every day

Platts Oilgram Price Report delivers a vast array of Platts international prices for crude and products, netback tables, and market-critical data.

Platts U.S. Marketscan provides a daily market overview of the major refined products in the United States including spot prices for key products gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel, residual fuel and naphtha prices and more.

Platts Asia Pacific/Arab Gulf Marketscan (APAG Marketscan) gives you a comprehensive daily overview of the Asia oil market.

Platts LP Gaswire reports on the global LPG/NGL industry detailing market trends, pricing, and market news for ethane, iso-butane, natural gasoline, normal butane, and propane.

Delivered daily direct to your desktop, Platts Bunkerwire focuses on marine fuel prices and supply in major ports worldwide. It is essential reading for all those who require accurate and timely data on this market sector.

Platts Clean Tankerwire brings you the latest in tanker freight and fixture rates, giving you a full view of the most important developments, so you can effectively analyze the tanker market.

Platts Dirty Tankerwire delivers the most important developments in the dirty tanker market, daily, direct to your desktop.

Platts Latin American Wire delivers comprehensive news and price coverage of the Latin and Caribbean crude and products markets.

Find out more about the new Platts Analytics report that delivers data-driven coverage of natural gas and LNG, crude oil and liquids, and electric power markets in Mexico.

Daily US and Canadian crude oil spot assessments, refiner feedstock and blendstock prices along withthe most up-to-date news and market analysis on the markets

Comprehensive reporting on market intelligence, counts, drilling activity, rig utilization, day rates and more for the offshore drilling industry.

Every week, Platts RADAR analyzes the active land operators and drillers highlighting the trends and key activities at the major shale and unconventional formations.

Is a detailed analysis of land rig demand that takes into consideration several variables,including: macro economic conditions, drilling technology, demand for oil and gas, & CAPEX reporting.

Platts Bunkerworld provides extensive, granular coverage of the global marine fuels market, directly connecting supply, procurement and operations teams with fuel prices on the ground. Covering over 350 ports, directory of over 3,000 suppliers, traders and brokers at key bunkering port locations.

Maps and Geospatial
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The World Shale Resources map primary resources of the emerging global shale industry.

It is a very dynamic time for North American crude oil. The decline in US production has reversed, and flourishing oil drilling has necessitated infrastructure build-out to match step with changing domestic trade flows. The 2018 Platts North American Crude Oil System map from Platts presents the primary components and latest projects of the expansive US & Canadian crude oil system in detail.

The North American Natural Gas Liquids, 2015 Edition wall map captures the North American NGL industry from the ground up. From the source-region, to the pipeline, to the processing plant, to the delivery terminal, all of the key structural components are represented in striking detail and with key industry data.

Map Data Viewer includes extensive spatial information and operational data gathered by our researchers from a variety of public and proprietary sources.

Platts Wellscape GIS is our ESRI-configured, cartographic data collection that allows you to visualize activity by asset, compare operators and see formation exploitation in the U.S. western Canada and the Gulf of Mexico.

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The World Refinery Database provides an in-depth view of the international refining industry, with a unique dynamic interface which allows you to focus on the data you need.

Combining Platts’ local and global market analysis with news, data and, significantly, an intuitive analytical tool, Platts China Oil Analytics helps you build context in any way you choose.

Platts cFlow gives you the power to understand the dynamics of worlwide freight markets in precise detail. With automated alerts, extensive reports and clear map views, you can focus on any region, cargo or type of vessel. Use these tools to examine our robust set of data — and empower the whole of your team to connect the dots for the complete picture and to work quicker and smarter.

Platts Wellscape 4.0 is a web-based tool that gives you access to drilling activity, permitting and rig specifications. Build, save and export reports and data to run on a schedule you create and to the individuals in your organizations you identify.

Platts Wellscape Site dB is the complete data feed of our permitting and location activity data for the entire U.S. Updated and delivered daily, Platts Wellscape Site dB can be set up to automatically feed your CRM system.

Platts Wellscape P2P is a dataset that allows you to create a comprehensive and panoramic view of oil & gas drilling activity in the US and the resulting production - both current and future – to identify opportunities created by drilled but uncompleted wells (DUC).

Platts RigData Land Activity Monitor is built specifically for analysis of hydrocarbon activity by basin and formation.

Statistical-based report providing you essential and insightful intelligence to make trading and hedging decisions with conviction.

Find out more about the new Platts Analytics report that delivers data-driven coverage of natural gas and LNG, crude oil and liquids, and electric power markets in Mexico.

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